Improve your presentation and offer to your clients our huge, awesome light show designed for huge rooms with true "High Power Professional" lighting effects. Controlled by seven computers, you can't get much more "Intelligent", but then we add our experienced operators who know how to respond to the mood of each song, and the crowd on your dance floor!

Our operators understand that a light show should add to the atmosphere that each particular song is trying to create with sound and imagery in it's video. Throughout a night many types of music is played requiring many distinctly different appearances for a light show. By mixing both high and low tech effects in one show, we have the versatility to change the effect of our light show to suit the mood of each song and activity on your dance floor. Several automatic "Intelligent" fixtures left to do their own thing all night just does not do what is required to match the mood of the wide variety of music. They might be "Intelligent" but can they "feel" the music, or "see" what is happening on the dance floor?

You might have noticed that we use many effects that are significantly brighter than normal. There is a real good reason for that. Most of the less expensive fixtures used by dance companies are designed for smaller dance floors typical of a wedding or small club. All the large functions we do have dance floors many times larger than that, so our light show must be many more times more powerful. It simply makes sense!

Mike's Music Machine

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